Feral Beast Heads To Monte Carlo!

27 Apr
Breaking the bank at Monte Carlo?: @Feral_Beast plays #FBjam tonight at the Casino

Breaking the bank at Monte Carlo?: @Feral_Beast plays #FBjam tonight at the Casino

Hi, Beastie fans, and welcome to the new-look website for your favorite anipal rock band! We’re overwhelmed by the support we have from our loyal and much-loved supporters, and we want you to know much we value your attendance at our weekly #FBjam gigs on Sunday nights. I know it’s impossible to believe, but we’ve been going for almost 3 years now, and we think it’s time to update things a little to keep things fresh for our loyal audience, all of whom are our great pals. We’ve listened to your comments, and we hope the slight changes that we’re making will make our gigs more fun for you.

@PurrbotKitty arrives at #FBjam in a gown from Alexis Mabille's Spring 2014 Couture collection

@PurrbotKitty arrives at #FBjam in a gown from Alexis Mabille’s Spring 2014 Couture collection

So, in future we’ll be playing every Sunday night EXCEPT the second Sunday every month. That’s the weekend of the #NipClub Monthly pawty, and as most of us have been working or pawtying (or in some cases, both!) hard all weekend another gig that night is tough on everyone.

Also, our new hours will be 6-8pm Eastern USA Time (currently EDT, but EST in winter), which is 11pm-1am in the UK. We’ve noticed that the 8-9pm slot Eastern Time is inconvenient for a lot of pals, and a top band always considers its fans, right?

Last week we had a pawesome time when we played Hogwarts, and this week we’re heading off in another direction altogether when we play at the world-famous Monte Carlo Casino. You’re very welcome to try your luck at the gambling tables and enjoy the fabulous noms and drinks prepared by @HRHDuchessII and @TweetingTruman at #FBjam Menus, and then at 6pm Feral Beast take to the stage to entertain you for the next 2 hours.

See you there!


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